The Workshop

Here is some of the equipment we use for our repairs and design work.

The Bench

The bench – the heart of the workshop. Our bench is a fully ESD safe workstation that holds all of the major test equipment we use and – it’s huge! Plenty of space for anything up to and including large mixing desks can be worked on with ease. 

The Test Equipment

We have a lot of test equipment – everything that makes it possible to ensure the item on the bench is in 100% working order. All our equipment is regularly PAT tested, calibrated and ESD safety checked to make sure we conform to current standards. Our equipment includes: 


For the bulk of schematics and PCB design we tend to use KiCad, an open source but extremely powerful application. However, we are also well trained in the use of Eagle, Altium or OrCad. We use SPICE simulation using either Micro-Cap or LT Spice when not breadboarding/veroboarding a design.

For 3D modeling applications (including enclosure design and test fitting) we use Fusion 360 and have a range of manufacturing partners who can make fully custom enclosures.

If we are making custom wiring diagrams for guitar/bass applications we use DIY Layout Creator which gives a perfect pictorial diagram of the wiring.