Terms and Conditions

Fretronics Engineering provides a professional and high-quality service to all customers. In order to achieve a high-quality service and in the interests of clarity, Fretronics Engineering operates a set of general Terms and Conditions, detailed below. These Terms and Conditions are not exhaustive and are subject to change at any time. By using Fretronics Engineering’s services, the Customer accepts the following Terms and Conditions. The place of jurisdiction shall be the place of business of Fretronics Engineering using these General Terms and Conditions. 

The governing law shall be the law of Scotland. Each of the parties to this Agreement irrevocably agrees that the courts of Scotland have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide any suit, action or proceedings to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with this Agreement.



All items must be brought to the location specified by Fretronics Engineering at the time of enquiry, unless specified otherwise. A pick up service is available within a reasonable distance at the discretion of Fretronics Engineering, with the Customer liable for any extra costs such as time and vehicle expenses.

Any items sent in for repair or service must be well packaged with Customer contact details and fault description enclosed with the item. Any shipping charges incurred (sent or received) are to be paid by the Customer. Any items sent without prior agreement will not be accepted and returned to the Customer.

The Customer is entirely responsible for correct packaging of the item and Fretronics Engineering under no circumstances is responsible for loss or damage to the item due to insufficient or improper packaging.

Any noted damage at the time of the item being received by Fretronics Engineering will be detailed on the job sheet provided to the customer at the time of drop off, however this is subject to change upon any closer inspection at a later date – e.g. through the diagnostics stage or other. If any significant damage is found upon closer inspection the customer will be contacted immediately. 

A minimum deposit of £45 per item is also required before any work can commence. This deposit, commonly referred to as a “bench fee”, covers the first hour of work. This includes customer interaction, disassembly and the first stage of diagnosis.



All services costs are based on parts and labour. Quotations and estimates are issued subject to the price and availability of necessary components required at the time of acceptance as well as the estimated length of time taken to carry out the work. A verbal estimate of likely charges can be offered once diagnostic work has been undertaken, on the understanding that this may be subject to change as work progresses. This is due to the possibility that other faults can only become apparent after other problems are resolved. Customers can be updated of changes during the course of the work. If a revised estimate has been refused or additional parts are no longer available, the Customer is liable for the full payment of the work already carried out. Where an estimate has been provided and there has been no reply for one calendar month, Fretronics Engineering assumes that the estimate has been refused.



Equipment undergoes a series of tests, during which the aim is to identify the cause(s) of faults. Sometimes faults can be resolved at this stage. In order to perform diagnostics, essential new parts may need to be fitted, the costs of which will be additionally charged for.

At the end of the diagnostics stage, the Customer is advised of likely complete charges. If it is decided to not continue with the repair, then we will try our best to return the item to a similar state as when received. This cannot be guaranteed, since components that are partially functioning to begin with may no longer be at the end of testing.



Fretronics Engineering agrees to use all reasonable endeavours to service or repair the item and/or to remedy any faults on it reported by the Customer. Fretronics does not do partial repairs as it can affect badly on our reputation. Even if there is a problem that has not been reported by the customer, it will be repaired and quoted for to ensure the Customer receives back a fully in order unit. Fretronics Engineering will make every effort to keep a stock of commonly used parts. This is however, not guaranteed. Spare parts will be purchased from other suppliers and Fretronics Engineering will use its best endeavours to ensure a fast delivery including paying for special delivery or next day when applicable, these charges will be passed to the customer. Advanced payment from the Customer may be required for such spare parts. Any repair is subject to the availability of parts.

Intermittent defects can be very difficult to resolve, if at all. Work will only be accepted on the understanding that there is no guarantee of a successful outcome or if the fault re-occurs then work will only continue at the Customer’s request and further expense.



Fretronics Engineering aims to repair, properly test and return equipment as quickly as possible. When equipment is received for repair, at subsequent stages, we will give an approximate indication of the time required to carry out work, including time taken to begin work. The timescale given is subject to change as the work progresses. This could be extended due to many factors outside Fretronics Engineering’s control, such as further issues becoming apparent, delays in acquiring spare parts, etc. 

If within this period the Customer decides to cancel/not continue with the repair or production, the Customer is liable to pay the full estimated amount, without exception. Fretronics Engineering will always try to meet the demands of Customers, but strict deadlines for completion of work cannot be agreed to. Customers should therefore make contingency plans in the event of delays.



The Customer will be charged for parts, labour and delivery (if applicable) at the rates determined by Fretronics Engineering. Fretronics Engineering reserves the right to request a deposit, further to the bench fee, against any repair which, in its opinion, is likely to exceed a significant proportion of the depreciated value of the item. The charges for all services provided do not include carriage/delivery charges and all prices are subject to alteration by Fretronics Engineering at any time, without prior notice. Fretronics Engineering offers a “standard” repair labour rate charged at £45 per hour. An “emergency” rate is also available, charged at £70 per hour. The emergency rate is used to have the item jump the queue and ensure it is completed at a faster rate. This is subject to the availability of parts and the rates are liable to change at any point. For an “on-site” repair or design contract, 50% of the estimated charge is payable up front before work can commence.



All due payments, unless otherwise agreed, must be paid on or before the item collection by the Customer or delivery by Fretronics Engineering or a courier company. Items cannot be released until full payment has been received. For any work carried outside of Fretronics Engineering’s premises (e.g. in a studio or music venue) or for “business to business” work, the payment must be made within the time scale shown on the invoice. Fretronics Engineering reserves the right to charge for late payment. Payment is to be made by cash, card, PayPal or bank transfer where any relevant charges will be applied, details of which can be obtained from a Fretronics Engineering representative. Fretronics Engineering does not store any card details, nor send them via end-user messaging technologies.



When the Product is ready for collection or delivery, Fretronics Engineering contacts the Customer by the contact details as specified by the Customer. The Customer and Fretronics Engineering must agree reasonable times when the Product will be collected from a location agreed previously. A delivery service can be offered within a reasonable distance at extra cost set by Fretronics Engineering. 

Due to an obvious limit on the physical space available on our premises, unless otherwise agreed, any items not paid for and/or collected within six calendar months will then incur a £10 per week storage fee on top of total cost. After 12 months, the item will be sold or dismantled to recover costs of the services. Where the Customer was informed that the Product is beyond economical repair or where the estimate has been refused, the Customer and Fretronics Engineering shall agree reasonable times when the Product will be collected from an agreed location. If the Product is not collected within six calendar months, the title to the Product shall pass to Fretronics Engineering, who shall be free to dispose of the Product in order to recuperate costs. The Customer will be liable for any charges for such a disposal. The Customer must inform Fretronics Engineering if any of the Customer’s contact details change in order to avoid the item being uncollected.



Fretronics Engineering warrants that any repair or service made hereunder shall be free of defect in labour and workmanship for the period of 90 days after delivery or collection of the Product by the Customer. This warranty does not cover any other faults not previously reported by the Customer, any new faults developed during the warranty period, any faults due to a previous repair or any issues developed through delivery or any work not undertaken by Fretronics Engineering. For example, an amplifier with a broken input jack that is repaired, but then returned for a faulty potentiometer. This warranty excludes wear and tear (such as crackly pots or jacks), physical damage, any damage due to incorrect use or misuse and any damage due to unauthorised repair or attempt to repair. The authorisation of the repair does not extend to any parties outside of Fretronics Engineering. Any components sourced and fitted by Fretronics Engineering will be guaranteed as per the manufacturer’s guarantee. If components are supplied by the Customer, they are exempt from this warranty. If the examination of a complaint in respect of a defect shows that the case does not fall under the warranty, the performance and invoicing of the examination and, where appropriate, elimination of the fault will be carried out under these Terms and Conditions for Repair Contracts at the appropriate price set out under the Charges Section.



All design, research and development, custom solution and consultancy work are subject to individual contracts.