Our Services

Here’s an overview of the services we can provide, all carried out on a custom basis so there are no fixed prices! Any equipment that is mains powered is PAT tested at the end of every repair or service to guarantee the device’s safety. 

Official Warranty & Non Warranty Repairs

We are the only business in Scotland officially recognised by Fractal Audio Systems, Mesa/Boogie, Blackstar Amplification, Mission Engineering, Victory Amplification, Hiwatt and Westside Distribution to carry out their warranty and non warranty repairs. We take great pride in being recognised by these brands and always make sure your equipment leaves us in excellent condition.

Valve Amplifier Repairs and Services

Solid State Amplifier Repairs and Services

Although we are officially recognised by those companies above, we can carry out repairs and servicing on any solid state or valve amplifier. We have completed work on everything from Marshall, Laney, Fender, Roland, VOX, Ampeg and many more. Amp repair is the heart of what we do and we love it!

Pro Audio & Studio Equipment

Everything PA & studio equipment – including mixing desks, powered speakers, power amps, microphones, rack units – can all be repaired with ease. We carry out a lot of work for venues and studios around the country making sure their PA is in top condition.

Valve Testing & Matching

We have a vintage Avo VCM MKIII – one of the most unique valve testers. With this unit we can fully test any valve – testing for shorts, insulation, current draw and transconductance. We can therefore determine how “good” a valve is and also provide details on if power valves form a matched set.

Everything Else!

We can repair pretty much anything! Aside from those listed above, we also do a lot of guitar wiring. However, we don’t do any setup/luthier type repairs. For that, we work very closely with The Guitar Workshop, who are the very best in the business. If you are looking to get both luthier work and electronics work done, contact either one of us and whoever is doing most of the work will be your main point of call – we’ll sort the rest of it out between ourselves.

Below is a more general list of everything else we can do:

Design & Consultancy

Over the years we have carried out design and consultancy work on everything from a small effects pedal to bespoke PCB design for manufacture. We love coming up with innovative electronics designs or help take an idea to a fully manufacturable product. 

For schematic capture and PCB design we prefer to use KiCad but can also use Altium, OrCad or Eagle. We also use Fusion 360 for product design and making sure your PCB will fit in the enclosure size you want. 

If you are looking for software design, we have two software developers in house who can help. We are also connected with many highly skilled engineers for any other services which we don’t provide.