Book your appointment with us through this page!

An appointment with us is only needed so that we can guarantee we will be in the workshop at your desired time, as we are often working off site in venues or studios etc. Please select a service followed by a time and date in the calendar below. Please ensure to fill out your details in the form below. Any payments must be made in advance. The options are detailed as follows:

Emergency Repair: To drop off a repair to be done urgently. We allow extra time in the appointment to assess if it can be done while you wait. Our Emergency Repair labour rate is charged at £60 per hour and also requires a £60 bench fee on drop off.

Drop Off or Appraisal: To drop off or appraise a “standard” repair. At drop off, a £30 Bench Fee is required and our standard labour rate is charged at £40 per hour.

Collection: To collect any completed repair. If there aren’t any in your desired time, give us a call and we’ll work it out.

Design Consultation: 1.5 – 2 hour slot to consult on or discuss a product you are looking to have or have had designed and manufactured. This can be done either in person over a coffee or over Skype/Zoom etc.